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Common Problems with Macs

Common Issue Instructions
Thanks for checking out the common issues section of our site. In some cases we have regular issues we se come into the store so if you see something that resembles your issue, please read below to get quick information on what we can do to help you.
Flashing Folder with a question mark

If you own a 13-inch Macbook Pro made in the year 2012, your computer is under a repair extension program for hard drive cables, and you can bring it in to our store for further assesment. If just the cable needs to be replaced and no further issues persist, the repair is covered by Apple.

iPhone/iPod Issues

We do not perform hardware repairs on iPhones or iPods.
If you are locked out of your iDevice or having an issue with an app or the operating system, we can definitely take a look at it. Just bring it into our store.

iOS restores/updates or general tech support is $35 per device.
iDevice backups are $99.

Mac Battery Issues

If your computer has a service battery warning or is not lasting as long as you would like or think it should, we are able to replace your battery. In most cases a battery replacement cost $100 to $200. Turn around time for that repair is same day for batteries we have in stock.

For an exact quote and repair details, please come visit us and let us take a look at the computer.

Liquid Exposure to Computer

We are able to repair computers damaged by liquid. If your computer has been exposed to liquid DO NOT try to power it on and power it down as soon as possible if it is powered on when exposed. Please bring it to our store and let us diagnose the extent of the damage.

Prices of Liquid Damage repairs
Initial diagnosis and check: $35

Liquid Damage Specialist Facility:
13-inch: $599
15-inch: $849
Turn around time: 2-3 weeks

Apple Liquid Damage Dispatch:
13-inch: $899
15-inch: $1399
Turn around time: 3 Business Days

Broken Screens or Distorted Screens

If your computer has a screen that has distortion, random lines, or an obvious point of impact, it may be that you have a broken LCD. We will need to take a look to give you an exact quote.

Dispatch repair details
Turn around time: 7-10 Business Days
Cost Range: $219-$415

In House repair details
Turn around time: 3-5 Business Days
Cost Range: $500-$800